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Welcome to our resort


, now a district of Jelenia Góra (Province of Lower Silesia), was founded in 1281 and is the oldest health resort in Poland. Numerous guests appreciate the charm, the tranquillity and the climate of the renowned resort, located at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains, in the heart of the Jelenia Góra Valley. Throughout the centuries, a lot of respectable guests have visited the resort, including Albrecht Stanislaw Radziwill the Grand Chancellor of Lithuania (1653), Zygmunt Radziwill the Castellan of Wielun (1677), Primate Michal Radziejowski (1692), Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1790), King Frederick William III of Prussia with his wife (1800), John Quincy Adams the future president of the USA(1800), Hugo Kołłątaj (1792 and  1808), Józef Wybicki (1802) and Izabella Czartoryska (1816).  The most renowned guest was Marie Casimire the Queen of Poland, who arrived here with numerous courtiers in 1687.



Healing thermal springs

The thermal springs of Cieplice are the only ones in Poland that reach the temperature of 90°C. They are used in the treatment of motor organ diseases (rheumatology, orthopaedics, neurology, osteoporosis), urinary system disorders (urology, nephrology) and ophthalmologic diseases.



In our natural healing facilities (Zakład Przyrodoleczniczy) we perform over 30 types of treatment (water therapy, peloid therapy, inhalations and kinesitherapy, light therapy and electrotherapy based on mineral water (fluoride/silicon, hypotonic, low-mineralized, alkaline) and peat.


Children's sanatorium

"Małgosia" is a specialist sanatorium hospital for children. It provides hotel accommodation, boarding and natural healing facilities that offer treatment of rheumatological and orthopaedic motor organ disorders. Patients go to our primary and middle school within the sanatorium.


Our hotel buildings

We offer suites, single, double and triple rooms with full or partial sanitary equipment and satellite TV. Three pavilions are connected with the treatment facilities in the main building. The other buildings are nearby, in the beautiful spa park, one of the ten most beautiful parks of Lower Silesia. Cieplice health resort offers good food and diets that comply with the standards set by the National Food and Nutrition Institute.


Tourist attractions

After therapeutic sessions, visitors can go for a walk in the vast parks, go sightseeing or hiking in the nearby mountains, admiring the wonderful scenery of Rübezahl's realm. The submontane climate with lots of sunshine and little rain is stimulating and toughening. Either you walk around the resort with a guide talking about the town's interesting history, or go for a trip to Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz, Krzeszów, Złotoryja or Kowary, go hiking in the mountains or even visit Prague and Berlin - there is a lot of excitement waiting for you.
Cieplice is an excellent base for skiers. About 20 km away from the resort there are numerous easy and more difficult slopes for downhill and cross-country skiers. The biggest skiing centres are Karpacz (over 20 downhill routes), Szklarska Poręba (Skiarena Szrenica), Jakuszyce (cross country skiing and biathlon centre) and Dziwiszów (Łysa Góra winter sports centre).


We invite you all year round.
We offer treatment, holidays, hotel accommodation, Christmas and New Year celebration.

Uzdrowisko Cieplice Sp. z o.o.
58-560 Jelenia Góra, ul. P. Ściegiennego 5/7
tel. +48 (75)  75 510 03...05;  +48(75) 75 33 143 fax +48(75) 75 525 57
e-mail: kontakt@uzdrowisko-cieplice.pl

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