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Treatments prices

Type of treatment Price (PLN) Type of treatment Price (PLN)
Thermal bath in pool* 17,00 Mineral bath* 15,00
Carbonic acid bath 20,00 Pearl bath in tub* 16,00
Peat bath in tub 35,00 Whole body peat poultice 55,00
Partial peat poultice 35,00 Peat poultice on eyes 18,00
    Peat poultice on neck 25,00
Peat enema 30,00 Aerosols on eyes* 15,00
Inhalations* 12,00 Ultrasound 12,00
Galvanization 10,00 Four chamber baths 13,00
Hydromassage 30,00 Aquavibron 16,00
Short-wave diathermy 10,00 Terapulse 10,00
Diadynamics 10,00 Sollux 10,00
Bioptrone lamp 10,00 Cryotherapy (gel bags) 12,00
Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) 20,00 Tens 10,00
Showers (Scottish shower, water jacket)* 20,00 Whirlpool bath 25,00
Underwater massage 45,00 Dry massage (10 minutes)* 30,00
Paraffin 16,00 Magnetotherapy 15,00
Interdin 10,00 Ionophoresis 10,00
Laser therapy 17,00 Therapeutic gymnastics in groups* 10,00
Individual therapeutic gymnastics* 14,00 Electrostimulation 10,00
ASSESSMENT OF BALANCE DISORDERS AND LOWER LIMB LOADING DISTRIBUTION on the stabilometric platform  Gamma 80,00 Individual exercises with a physiotherapist (30-60 min) 70,00
Individual exercises with a physiotherapist (till 30 min) 40,00 Mechanical massage - hydro-jet 30,00
Bubble bath with chromotherapy in the healing thermal water 40,00 Hydromassage with chromotherapy in the healing  thermal water 40,00

Sequential pressure massage by the Lymha Tron DL1200 device one limb


Sequential pressure massage by the Lymha Tron DL1200 device two limbs

Balance and neuromuscular coordination on the stabilometric platform  Gamma 30,00    

Information: (004875) 75 510 56 ext. 493
Patients who wish to buy a treatment must undergo medical examination at our outpatient clinic:

Specialist Spa Treatment Outpatient Clinic
Dom Zdrojowy III, ul. Lesnicza 4

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Should I book treatments in advance?
    NO. They are available all year round and you don’t have to book them in advance.
  • hould I make an appointment before seeing your doctor?
    NO. You should only come when the clinic is open (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.00 – 14.30, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00 – 17.30).
  • Can I choose treatments myself?
    Patients can choose a treatment from the list, but during the medical examination before your therapy, our doctor must approve your choice.
  • Can I enjoy your treatments without a medical examination?
    NO. If a treatment is selected unprofessionally, it may give unexpected or harmful results.
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