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General principle of operation of DEEP OSCILLATION device is that the current flows in one direction and then in another, causing appropriate changes in the field frequency. Strong pulsating electrical field is produced between the applicator and the patient’s body. Electrical field penetrates the tissues and interacts with charges in the patient’s body (in tissues there are many ions). Apart from the above, there is a spontaneous polarization of particles and elements of human body (field moves connected charges). The fact that the field is changeable and permeates through entire body causes vibrations in the deep tissue layers.


Deep oscillation – physiological foundations


Healing of tissue is often complicated and stopped in the initial phase that includes inflammation and formation of lesion. Wound healing process includes the following phases: purging, i.e. inflammation, reconstruction meaning regrowth of epithelium, body vessels and nerve cells migration and contraction phase characterized by scar formation i.e. synthesis and arrangement of collagen. Destruction of extracellular matrix (ECM) by uncontrolled release of proteases is the main factor hindering wound healing process. During the healing process complex, locally active chemical reactions occur, reactions of biologically active substances and physical phenomena indicating the increase of tensile strength. When healing is complicated proteases are overproduced and their activity is excessive. Wounds remain in the inflammatory phase and without proper treatment they may grow bigger and maintain for several months. During application of deep oscillation treatment, strong vibrations occur in the body, transportation may also occur and if you can control transportation, you may intentionally interfere with physiological tissue nutrition processes. Vividly representing the objectives of deep oscillation therapy, we can say that they include the following: cleansing, diluting, rinsing and channelling.


Application of deep oscillation enables:

  • anti-oedema therapy, 
  • oncological rehabilitation,
  • analgesic motor organs therapy,
  • symptomatic therapy, 
  • fresh injuries treatment,
  • postoperative treatment (wound healing) 
  • wounds treatment, (including open wounds), 
  • facial disorders treatment, tensegrity
  • treatment of respiratory diseases 


Application of deep oscillation leads to substantial acceleration of wound-damaged tissues, which is of the utmost importance for physical therapy. Firstly, faster wound healing process significantly improves quality of tissue, which enables faster and more effective implementation of other rehabilitation methods and their effectiveness in particular. This in turn results in faster tissue regeneration and significant improvement of their quality. Special area of research devoted to the use of this treatment method appears to be located within sports traumatology department, where fast but reasonable improvement is of great importance.



The main advantage is the possibility of mechanical stimulation in all those cases where przeciwwskazana is the traditional mechanical therapy, especially in heavy and extensive injuries (break, twist, including sprains) and in cases

Difficult to healing wounds. The transient oscillation deep can be implemented already in the early stages of the disease, stimulating the regeneration processes. With the characteristics, particularly suited for use in the following indications:



  • Application of deep oscillation in pre- and postoperative rehabilitation, compared to traditional therapy, significantly accelerates decrease of swellings and exudates. Deep oscillation can be used at a very early stage of disease, even during the second day after the operation. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process, stops the bleeding, local inflammation, significantly eases the pain, improves the quality of scar-forming tissue. DEEP OSCILLATION is the perfect complementation of postoperative treatment among others in in oncology, neurology and traumatology. Thanks to its unique, mild effect deep oscillation is used as first-line treatment of conditions e.g. which involve intervention, prophylactic mastectomy, caesarean section, endoprotesis, connection, ulceration, diabetic foot, etc. Postoperative treatment in cases of: vein surgery of the lower limbs, Charnley-muller syndrome, caesarean section, thoracic surgery, breast cancer, connected bones, prostate cancer, spine operation - therapy objective: reduce redness, pain, facilitating mobility and to assist the process of rewarding and healing process 
  • Post-operative treatment breast cancer, hand  lymphatic oedema
  • Post-operative treatment -Wertheim procedure – treatment objective: reduction of redness, pain, stimulation of bladder and intestines, facilitate mobility and assist healing process. 
  • Post-operative treatment - colorectal cancer – treatment objective: preventing sticking of  tissues, stimulation of movement in the intestines 



In cases of mechanical and overload injuries neurological DEEP OSCILLATION® has anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema and analgesic effect, improves tissue nutrition and directly stimulates regeneration processes. It enables faster return to active rehabilitation and training. In case of patients who suffered a stroke, deep oscillation is applied for lymphatic drainage head in particular as well as to improve nutrition of tissues in areas affected with hemiplegy.



In fibromyalgia, Sudecka and other disease accompanied by chronic pain, oedema and dermal hypersthesia, DEEP OSCILLATION® provides strong pain relief, also post-injury pain.



Use of deep oscillation after training quickly reduces exceptional muscle tension, limits the effects of delayed muscular pain syndrome (DOMS), eases the pain and directly prevents micro injuries. Under the influence of treatment, residual of metabolism processes are eliminated, including cytokines. This leads to muscle nutrition and faster return to their normal performance. It also shortens regeneration period between trainings.



Since deep oscillation has anti-inflammatory effects, it prevents tissue and accelerates toxins removal, is a good complementary therapy before and after liposuction and for other invasive aesthetic medicine procedures.

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