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Partial peat poultice

Partial peat poultice

Peat (peloid) contains organic components including humin acids, bitumens, proteins, amino acids, resins and waxes, partially decayed vegetation and non-organic matter.

Therapeutic effect

In mud baths a crucial factor is their high temperature, which causes hyperthermia of the tissues. It stimulates blood circulation and speeds up pulse and breathing. The skin becomes red, blood pressure temporarily decreases, metabolisms accelerates and peat components fight inflammation. Peloid also improves absorption of exudates that appear in different disease conditions. It is analgesic, improves blood supply and decreases muscle tone.


  • diseases and post-traumatic conditions of motor organs
  • degenerative spine and joint disease
  • rheumatoid diseases
  • periarticular inflammations
  • neuralgia
  • polyneural inflammation
  • peritoneal adhesions
  • conditions after hepatic parenchymatitis

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