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Peat tampons on eyes

Peat tampons on eyes

Sterile peat tmapons are placed onto eyeballs.

Therapeutic effect

  • anti-inflammatory and astringent
  • bacteriostatic and bactericidal
  • regenerating damaged tissues
  • increasing blood supply
  • activating enzymatic reactions


  • chronic ophthalmia and marginal blepharitis
  • recurrent episcleritis and scleritis
  • post-inflammatory changes of cornea
  • dry eye syndrome
  • chronic uveitis (after inflammation min. 4-6 weeks must go by)
  • conditions after anti-glaucoma surgery and cataract removal surgery (after 4-6 weeks)
  • non-regressing eyeball irritations after surgery (after 4-6 weeks)
  • degeneration of posterior section of eyeball, requiring widening of retina and choroid
  • early stages of optic atrophy
  • glaucoma with regulated intraocular pressure
  • degeneratio pigmentosa


Contra indications


  • acute and sub-acute glaucoma
  • acute inflammations of vision organ
  • general contra indications for health resort treatment (cancer, tuberculosis, acute infectious diseases, circulatory and respiratory failure)

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